Институт геополитики профессора Дергачева
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Геополитика. Русская энциклопедия


Геополитика. Русская энциклопедия

Геополитика. Русская энциклопедия


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NUMBER of MAGAZINE: 27 (1) 2007г.
AUTHORS: Vladimir Dergachev (Ukraine)

1.Russia is inevitably coming towards another milestone in its history, with certain public anxiety over the country's future. The parliamentary and presidential elections have seemed to become a common occurrence, after so many years of democratic development. Yet, perhaps, it is not true for the Euro-Asian Russia, where the role of a personality in power is still great, and one might speak of relative stability when there is none willing to experience another distemper. It is particularly dangerous when tactical problems of struggle for power dominate over the necessity of strategic vision, when there is possibility of disintegration of the federative state.
2.The newest geopolitics is overcoming the narrowness of traditional and new geopolitics with their over-powerful geographical or economic determinism. It makes the stress on the many-dimensional space allowing for variety of cultural and genetic codes. It is based, therefore, on capturing territories by means of the technology of manipulating the consciousness (subconsciousness) of citizens of the state chosen to be the object of impact.
3.A state's geopolitical power springs up, primarily, out of strength of mind, rather than of material resources. It is not by chance, the American administration watch the state of the world 'spiritual climate' that closely. The greater role of the American clergymen in the Eastern Europe is noted in the US State Department's annual report on freedom of religion in the countries around the world, prepared in September 2006.
4.Based on the knowledge of human nature, the newest geopolitics technologies are being effectively used against the post-Soviet government elites in the Eastern Europe, which had found inconceivable freedom of action and decided to be seen as the most business-like, wise, downy and holy. The major subjects for an 'attack' are not the industrial and other strategic establishments, but that potion of the government elite that lade with megalomania and inferiority complex.
5. In Russia, the 'orange revolution', in its pure form, is not foreseeable, neither a "democratic" protege of the West has any chance to win the absolute victory. But it is quite possible to have some party 'governed by love' victorious, capable to destabilize situation in the country and to weaken the Russian statehood. As far as Russia concerns, in the nearest future, the newest geopolitics technologies transformation will be redirected from compromising democratic slogans to usage of patriotic ideology of nationalism that counts on the national identity of the physical persons who strive for power, thus making the corruption more resourceful and absolutely invincible.




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